15 + the most beautiful Christmas tree decoration 2017

11/07/2016 0

Christmas is coming very close, you have chosen to decorate a Christmas tree that is simple or not? You are still wondering how many beautiful Christmas tree decorations? If you do not have any decorating ideas for your house, so please refer to the beautiful Christmas tree decorations below!

Pine is a plant that lives in harsh climates but retains a strong, solid and evergreen appearance. Gradually the image of this tree appears more often and it is considered to be the center of the festival. A symbol of hope and vitality in New Year's celebration. Nowadays, near Christmas, people usually buy a pine tree and decorate it with stars, cherries, sparkling lines and flowers. Christmas tree is one of the indispensable symbols of the holiday. Noel, making the Christmas atmosphere more cheerful and exciting. Whether they are Catholics or not, everyone still wants to get into the very warm atmosphere of this Christmas.

1.Decorate the Christmas tree with stars

The Christmas star has a special meaning, according to legend at the time of his birth, there is a brilliant star in the sky, the light radiates hundreds of miles.

The star becomes a symbol of meaning in Christmas and is best placed in churches, religious establishments on Christmas Eve to remember the above. As the star symbolizes the miracle of God.

First, you need to prepare a large yellow star, small white and yellow stars.

To decorate a simple and beautiful pine you take the big yellow star attached to the top of the pine. The stems are small white or yellow stars alternating on the pine. Surely this tree of your home will become prominent and equally unique.

2.Decorate Christmas tree in classic style

When you decide to decorate your Christmas tree, decorating in classic style is also popular with many people. The location of the tree is usually close to the fireplace or the images represent the fireplace.

Besides, there will be Santa's gift satchels hanging. Hang the glittering spheres of glitter, spread the beads or the light bulb into the sloping floor.

Under the pine is the gift box, on the pine is bright stars glitter. When decorating Christmas tree in this classic style will not be lacking candle holder flowers, red or white flower vase, laurel leaf ring. This classic Christmas tree decor is sure to be a great choice because it is quite popular and offers a great sense of familiarity.

3.Decorate in modern style

There are many beautiful Christmas decorations and modern style decor is one of them. With this modern decor, you have to prepare some simple ingredients such as balls, birds and wreaths. Red glazed twigs wrapped around the tree.

Remember to arrange a wooden fence around the tree, under the tree do not forget the bow tie box, the top of the tree can hang the bow or small bell is also your home. So you have finished decorating Christmas trees in modern style and then.