We facilitate your holiday by arranging all the services making up your trip. However, be sure to pack all that you will need before leaving your home!

Packing Checklist – Be sure to check them all 


+ Travel documents (passport, visas, travel insurance certificate, air tickets, tour voucher)

+ Money (cash, credit card, debit card, traveler’s cheques and money pouch)

+ Day pack for your personal needs during the day

+ Camera and extra memory cards and batteries

+ Cell phone and cell phone charger

+ Laptop charger (if you are bringing your laptop)

+ Travel plug/international adapter

+ Medication (including a doctor’s letter if you are carrying a large amount of medication)

+ Prescription glasses / contacts and if necessary, contact lens solution

Best to bring along

+ First aid kit

+ Toiletries

+ Sunscreen

+ Insect repellent

+ Refillable water bottle with filter


+ Comfortable walking shoes

+ Comfortable clothing, either light or heavy options, depending on the season you are travelling

+ Clothes suitable for visiting temples (long pants / skirts, long sleeved tops)

+ Waterproof jacket / raincoat / umbrella

+ Hat & sunglasses

+ Bathing suit 

Optional comforts

+ Ear plugs & eye mask

+ Sleep sheet for home stays / trains

+ Lightweight travel towel

+ Local language phrasebook


Here are some considerations to ensure that your adventure sets off with a great start:

- Please read our guidelines on responsible tourism so that your trip is beneficial both for you and the communities you visit.
- What interests you? eg. weavings, archaeology, religious art, jewelry, mountain biking, kayaking, etc. Let us know so we can steer you in the right direction.
- Read up a bit about Vietnam before you leave. You guide will give you a general understanding of the places you visit, but feel free to ask for specifics.
- Learn a little Vietnamese before your trip. The more you know, the more fun you will have.
- Ask your cellphone provider for an international data plan if you will need coverage whilst travelling.
- No data? No problem! Bring a book, journal, postcards, or playing cards with you to occupy yourself when waiting.
- “Take only photos, leave only footprints”, but nonetheless try to be sensitive with the photos and footprints.
- Try to support locally owned businesses, hotels, restaurants and traditional artisans.
- Let us know at once if you encounter any problems. Don’t wait until the trip is over. Our drivers, operators, guides and hotel staff are there to help you.
- Most of all, relax, be patient, and keep an open mind. Bring your sense of humor and adventure and discover the magic of Vietnam.