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Viet Nam holds huge potential for cultural and spiritual tourism thanks to its diversity in terms of culture, customs and traditions, which have been shaped and practised across the nation for thousands of years.

Official statistics show that Viet Nam has around 40,000 tangible and 60,000 intangible heritages. Most of them are in connection with temples, pagodas, monuments, churches, and expressed in religious rituals, traditional festivals and art forms.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognised 11 intangible cultural heritage of humanity in Viet Nam. They are the Vietnamese beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms, Tugging rituals and games, Vi and Giam folk songs, Art of Don Ca Tai Tu music and songs, Worship of Hung Kings, Giong festival of Phu Dong and Soc temples, Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk songs, Nha Nhac court music, Space of gong culture, and two in need of urgent safeguarding, namely Xoan singing of Phu Tho, and Ca tru singing.

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Vietnam Culinary and Art Discovery 12 Days Contact

Vietnam Culinary and Art Discovery 12 Days

Experience colourful Vietnam through tasting signature food, enjoying best art performances and galleries and immerse yourself in stories behinds them.

12 Days 11 Nights
Quan Ho Bac Ninh – Traditional Music Contact

Quan Ho Bac Ninh – Traditional Music

This is one of the best traditional music in Vietnam. Through this performance, you can understand about the Vietnamese culture at Red River Delta.

1 Day
The Quintessence of Tonkin Show Contact

The Quintessence of Tonkin Show

The show highlights compelling elements of Vietnamese culture in contemporary and innovative ways. Definitely a must-see show and best thing to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

1 Day
Hanoi Water Puppet Show Contact

Hanoi Water Puppet Show

Water puppertry is a traditional art form with distinctive culture identity of Vietnam. It came into existence, developed and diversified over a thousand years agon in the Red River Delta....

Half day
Vietnam Culinary 12 Days Contact

Vietnam Culinary 12 Days

From streets food to fine-dining restaurants, Vietnam offers you diversified dishes and amazes your taste that lasts your memory!

12 Days 11 Nights
Foodie Tour Vietnam 12 Days Contact

Foodie Tour Vietnam 12 Days

You will have chance to taste various signature dishes as well as join some hands-on experiences by cooking with local hosts and local chefs.

12 Days 11 Nights

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